Jesper Jerkert, course list

Here is a list of all my university courses, except some PhD courses that are missing. 1.5 hp (course credit) equal one study week. One year of full time studies corresponds to 60 hp.

Courses at KTH
(including a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics)
Linear algebra 6 hp
Calculus 18 hp
Thermodynamics 6 hp
Waves 6 hp
Ecology and Environmental Technology 6 hp
Fundamentals of Computer Science 6 hp
Complex analysis 6 hp
Mechanics, Basic Course 9 hp
Program Construction 6 hp
Vector Analysis 6 hp
Differential Equations and Transforms 9 hp
Semiconductor Electronics 9 hp
Solid Mechanics, Basic Course 9 hp
Mathematical Statistics, Basic Course 9 hp
Mechanics, Continuation Course 6 hp
Modern Physics 6 hp
Neuroscience 7.5 hp
Numerical Methods, Basic Course 6 hp
Automatic Control, General Course 6 hp
Fluid Mechanics, Introductory Course 6 hp
Electromagnetic Theory 9 hp
Applied Mathematical Statistics 7.5 hp
Computer Intensive Methods in Mathematical Statistics 7.5 hp
German, Elementary Course 6 hp
History of Science 6 hp
Electroacoustics 6 hp
Mathematical Methods in Physics 6 hp
Quantum Physics 16.5 hp
Sound Perception 7.5 hp
Music Acoustics 6 hp
Musical Communication and Music Technology 7.5 hp
Pattern Recognition 6 hp
Signal Theory 6 hp
Speech Technology 6 hp
Basic Communication and Teaching 3 hp
Learning and Teaching 7.5 hp
Lecture Rhetoric and Presentation Design 5 hp
Digital Signal Processing 7.5 hp
Pattern Classification 8 hp
Speech and Hearing Physiology (at KI) 3 hp
Essay in Popular Science 3 hp
Master's Project in Music Acoustics 30 hp
Sum 319 hp

Courses at Stockholm and Uppsala universities
(including a B.A. in musicology and a B.A. in theoretical philosophy)
Musicology, basic course 30 hp
Musicology, intermediate course 30 hp
Musicology, advanced course 30 hp
Theoretical philosophy, basic course 30 hp
Theoretical philosophy, intermediate course 30 hp
Theoretical philosophy, bachelor course 30 hp
Political science, basic course 30 hp
Modern astronomy 15 hp
Physics of music 7.5 hp
Astronomy vs. astrology 7.5 hp
Scientific method and research ethics 7.5 hp
Theoretical philosophy, advanced course 30 hp
English for Academic Research 7.5 hp
Philosophy of language 7.5 hp
Philosophy of biology 7.5 hp
Editing music 15 hp
Sum 315 hp

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